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There are a number of reasons why your insurance company is refusing to payout.  Some reasons that they give can be legitimate and sometimes it is just a misunderstanding or they are just try to pull the wool over your eyes. This is where our investigation team can help they are fully trained in forensic investigation and consumer law and they will help you to understand why they are refusing to pay youand help to reach a settlement.

Insurance claims are a nightmare at the best of times but when things start to go wrong through no fault of your own that nightmare starts to become reality, and no matter how much you plead with the insurance company you get nowhere. The contract you signed when you took out your insurance and the law in this country, gives you a lot of security and many consumer rights, however big companys do take your rights away and they get away with it, why can they get away with it? It's because:-

v Consumers don't know their legal rights

v Because consumers don't know how to enforce their contract

v Consumers don't know the legal system

v Insurance companys look after each other

Consumer Litigations services make no commission from the insurance companies at all we are paid by you, so it is only in our best interest to advise you correctly.

We will look at all the evidence and your insurance contract and see if they are legally able to refuse payment and if they are committing an offence, we will advisee you on your next step.

Please feel free to contact our investigation team and they will be able to advice you on the cost  






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