In consumer Law and consumer advice one of the most vital roles is gathering the required evidence to advise the client or win the case this section describes what we can offer to help in this area


statments witness

These are our two basic packages we can change the packages to meet your needs


Package one

We will contact your witness and obtain witness statements on your behalf these statements will be laid out in the correct format for court. After we have obtained all the statements we can send a copy to the other party by doing this you have a better chance of them taking your issue seriously this can help to achieve an out of court settlement


Package two

If you have already obtained the witness statements that are needed. You can send them to us and we can check them to make sure all the required information has been obtain within the statements or we can rewrite  all your witness statement in the style used for court  and then send them back to you.


Q why do I need your help

For the best chance of winning a case, you will need professionally written witness statements this will lay out all the information in a clear format used by the police and courts

In addition, when most business receive all the evidence it helps them to see what is happening and also show that you are taking the matter seriously and you have gone out of your way to obtain correctly typed witness statements they can see there is a better chance they could lose in court and are more willing to settle out of court



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