Easy to understand advice leaflets on a number of consumer related areas

Advice leaflets are always a good starting place for good information these advice leaflets are put together with comprehensive but easy to read and follow advice and will consumers with a good knowledge of their rights  

Below are some main topic areas we have covered in the past


· Buying a Cars know your rights

· Mobile phones

· Extended warranties

· Builders and decoratorsadvice leaflets

· Codes of practice               

· Using a guarantee

· Bought something on credit  

· Returning or cancelling orders

· Can I take something back if I change my mind

· Dealing with disputes

· Unfair terms in contracts

· They will not give me my money back

· Credit and store cards Scams

· How to make a complaint

· Your rights when shopping online

· What to do when a company goes into Administration   


All the advice leaflets are easy to follow and can be emailed to an account of your choice.


If the subject you were hoping to find information on is not in the list pleases send, one of our team an email and we will get back to you.

 If you feel one of the above advice leaflets would not give you the information you require we also offer an email support service or if you would prefer we also offer a Telephone consultation service 









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