This page describes the mediation service our consumer advice and contract law teams offer  

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What is mediation?

Mediation is the term used to describe a relatively informal form of dispute resolution that occurs outside of the court system. In mediation, the parties to the dispute are assisted by a neutral third person called a mediator. Consumer Litigations will negotiate between the parties with the goal of assisting them in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement


What are some of the advantages of mediation?

The biggest advantage is the cost involved it can be a lot cheaper then going to court, Mediation is a dispute resolution system that can be used to resolve virtually any type of dispute. Mediation enables the parties to work together and keeps them in control of the decision making process (and usually free from lawyers, judges, arbitrators, or inflexible laws, court rules and procedures). It also allows the parties to achieve a "win-win" outcome, in contrast to the winner-and-loser scenarios associated with going to court.


  There are two roles we can play


Option one

We can act as a go between trying to solve the problem with an outcome to please both parties

Option two

We can act solely on your behalf, with the main aim to get the result you require and if this is not possible through mediation, we will advise you on the options available to you through the court system. 


The cost of this service will  depend on the time required to resolve the issues we do offer a fixed price services for the mediation service, by taking the fixed price option you know the price will not increase for this service so you know from the start how much it will cost

Prices can be from as little as £10 

 So please feel free to contact one of our team for a quote  




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