Description of Consumer Law



Consumer legislation is a way to protect consumers in respect of credit agreements, defective products and/ or services or products that do not match the description under which they were sold and helps the consumer to recover financial losses due to the defect.

These losses could includelegal  law books

Ø Travel cost from going to and from the shop

Ø Cost involved in correspondence

Ø Cost involved in receiving legal advice

Ø Cost you have incurred from damages

Ø Stress or Harassment 

As well as others

The above are what the law say you can claim for but most consumer don't know how to claim for these. When you purchase a product or service, you enter into a contract with the company or supplier and if that product or service is not correct, they have breached the contract and you can claim damages.

When you complain to the company they just offer you your money back and sometimes you will get an apology but  in mosts case you are entitled to more but most of the time the company will refuse this so you have to start court proceedings but most of the time a company will pay what they have to before attending court this is to keep their name out of court but some times they will go all the way and in that case a good consumer litigation team on your side will increase your chance of winning

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