This web page describes the problems consumers can face in today’s society from purchasing a pair of shoes to buying a house. We cover all areas of consumer advice and consumer law


  Why Consumer Litigations Services 
Unfortunately, people find themselves through no fault of their own, in situations, which demand some form of action to recover losses, or find that they have problems with goods or services purchased. Other people are unlucky enough to find that they have to defend themselves against a claim in the Civil Court system.


This can be anything from buying a pair of shoes to having a house built we may be able to help negotiate a satisfactory resolution. If necessary, we will help you to enforce your rights through the legal system.

Our experience covers many types of claims. Some of which include:

 · Faulty or unsatisfactory products 

· Hire purchase and credit agreements for unsatisfactory goods

· Faulty or incomplete work no refunds

· Unfair consumer contracts

· The service is not what you paid for

· Holidays did not match their description in a brochure

· Products that you have purchased did not matching their description

· Harassment or ill treatment by a business

· Mobile phone contracts

 If you are experiencing any problems with a supplier of goods or services, we can assist you in reaching a resolution or to bring the matter before the Courts. We can also act for businesses that have consumer disputes

 Our aim is to provide initial advice on the choices available to you to help enable you to decide the most effective way of dealing with a claim.  In most cases, we can offer an initial appointment at a fixed fee at which we will provide you with preliminary advice and outline the options open to you with no obligation to take the matter further. Alternatively, if you prefer you can email us and we will let you know if we can help.


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