In today's environment, every penny counts and theripped off funny re is nothing worse than feeling like you have been ripped off by a company or the provider of a service and when you try to complain they ever ignore you and do nothing or they say yes your right but there is nothing you can do about it.  This can make you feel small and powerless it makes you think, what can I do against a company that is worth millions?  

Well you can do a lot; in 1973 the small claims procedure was established and its aim is to provide a cheap and easy way of recovery losses. In other words, the system was set up to help normal people seek damages against the big companies as well as the small ones.

If this system was set up to help us, why are people not using it?

Some of the most common questions asked

Q     I don't know what to do or where to start

Q     How do I fill in the forms?

Q     How much paper work will there be?

Q     How much will it cost?

Q     Can I win?

Q     What happens if I lose?

At Consumer Litigations Service, we will guide you through all the above questions and anymore you have. All our answers are impartial and deigned to give you a true outlook on your case and the chances of winning.

     Q     Are you paid commission? 

No defiantly not,  we only get paid a set fee from yourself so it is not in our interest to advise you to take a claim to court which had no chance of winning.  We defiantly do not receive commission.








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