Consumer Litigation services, is a UK based family run business. Our main aim is to inform consumers of their legal rights and when these rights have been breached, we will do our best to actively help you resolve the matter. Our team of experienced investigators holding qualifications recognised by the Trading Standards Institute, we  will look at your individual circumstances and advise you accordingly. We are committed to providing effective case-specific advice in order to resolve our client's disputes.

The Litigation team can deal with a wide range of Litigation matters and will provide efficient advice and representation to both commercial business and private clients in respect of various civil court cases.

 Our services includes

· Providing advice to consumers regarding their legal rights

· Help you take a claim through the County Court

· Help to establish a resolution to your claim such as recover money

· Drafting claim forms

· Drafting Defence statements

· Prepare Witness Statements

· Provide assistance to peruse an insurance claim

· Provide assistance if an insurance company refuses to pay out

· Mediation service

Because we work closely with our clients we can use this opportunity to help build on the strengths and weakness of the case looking at the evidence from both sides. By using this method, we are able to see the realistic chance of our clients receiving a successful outcome.

We will weigh up the evidence of each individual case and work with you to provide a realistic resolution to a dispute. This can include formal Court action or an alternative means including, Mediation and negotiation between all parties involved

We will help guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of all the options open to you and we will help find you the most effective solution to your problem

Our Litigation team have a reputation for providing high quality and cost effective services whilst meeting all court deadlines and working under pressure. We provide client care that embraces Commitment, Communication, Confidentiality and Courtesy and make sure that the work that we undertake meets the quality and transparency you would expect.

We will take the time to understand your requirements, aims and priorities. We will discuss with you your realistic options, chances of success and the time and cost implications involved in your case and becasue we are not lawyers or solicitors this will help to keep the costs down.


Whether you have to defend yourself from litigation, or take action against another, a competent professional litigation adviser on your side can make all the difference between winning and losing





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