This service is designed so the consumer can quickly obtain the information they require from our consumer advices at a fixed cost



 Are you confused and need to know where you stand but don't know who to turn to? you could choose a Solicitor but the cost involved in going to the solicitors can be very expensive and sometime you have to wait days for the appointment.


Because a lot of people just don't have the time or money to waste we have put together a way for you to obtain that information easily and cheaper then paying for a solicitor 

Below are some main topic areas we have covered in the past

  • Buying a Car know your rights  
  • Mobile phones
  • Extended warranties
  • Builders and decorators
  • Codes of practice advice cheap
  • Using a guarantee 
  • Bought something on credit
  • Returning or cancelling orders
  • Can I take something back if I change my mind
  • Dealing with disputes
  • Unfair terms in contracts
  • They will not give me my money back
  • Credit and store cards Scams
  • How to make a complaint
  • Your right when shopping online
  • What to do when a company goes into Administration   


Other options available under a fix fee are

Advice over email this could include an advice leaflet on one of the above topics

You can email us your question on any of the above topics and we will try to answer it.

Letter writing

If your problem cannot be resolved at, the face-to-face stage your next step will be to send a letter to the relevant party, most companies will require you to send a letter to them setting out your complaint and for the fix price we will email you a personalised letter. All you will have to do is print it off ,sign it and send it to them.

Why do you need a professional letter? 

Most companies know the law but are aware that most consumers do not and they will use the consumer lack of knowledge to restrict their rights. This letter will help demonstrate to a business that you are aware of your legal rights and indicate that they are unable to restrict them.

Telephone consultation

We will arrange one of our investigation team to phone your landline to help you with your problem or if you prefer to phone us we will email you the investigation team's number.




Expert answers from a live person, who cares about you

v No hidden costs

No long waits for an answer,

Affordable pricing

No face to face contact





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